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Roll and play: the ultimate list of casino dice games

Finding a decent dice casino game is not that easy as slot machines, for example. Not all online casinos have special sections dedicated to dice games. However, they are still very popular because of a vast range of outcomes that one can receive after rolling a dice.

Even though the result in this type of game depends on luck mostly, many players practice their dice throwing technique while playing offline. When it comes to online casinos, there is no need of doing that since you will have to press a button to roll a dice. Let’s have a closer look at available dice games in online casinos.

Casino Dice games: types and rules

Most of the games follow the same scenario. You make a bet and begin searching a START button to roll a dice, it can roll several times. Whatever you win, will be displayed on your screen. Winning points will be correlated to your bet and the correspondent amount will be converted into credits.

Usually, dice games are divided into two main categories: strategic and action. In action games, you will be asked to roll a dice and wait for a result. One of the examples of action dice game is Six Dice, which implements 6 grids. Each of those grids has a number (from 1 to 6). Players need to match the rolling dice with the number.

3 Dice game casino is a strategic version. Additional thinking is required in this type of game. The dice is rolled and then the player needs to choose on which grid the dice will be positioned. As a game evolves, players need to pay attention to grids, because the purpose is to match them on certain horizontal or vertical directions.

List of some popular casino dice games

Here are some of the most played dice games with the most reviews.

  • Persona 5 casino dice game: an episode of Persona 5 video game, where a character needs to throw a dice and depending on the result he doubles or triples his points. Youngsters are obsessed with the game worldwide.
  • Game sicbo is another well-known casino dice game that involves some strategy. It is up to you if you decide to be a defensive player or risk it all.
  • Craps table – a variety of casino dice game, where you often witness people shouting out of excitement. The player has to throw his dice with one hand only. The dice needs to hit the opposite end of the game table especially designed for that.

Dice games are fun, easy to play and you can find many of them online and enjoy even playing for free. If you want to have a break from poker and slots, this is a great alternative.

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