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Find out how to shoot dice at the casino

Dice consists of rounds, the number and the length of which can be different, it depends on the outcome of the dice rolling. The only thing that matters for the gamblers, that some bets can be made before the beginning of the first round, and others after it. Next, what they have to do is to roll the dice.

When the sum drops out in the first round: two, three, seven, eleven or twelve, then the round ends immediately. After that, all winning bets are paid, and the losing bets are removed. Then the round will be the first again, and the dice will be thrown again.

When the sum drops out in the first round: four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, a special chip is placed on the field with this number, on which on the top ON is written, this means that the point is determined, the round will be continued. All results are summarized after each roll of dice, and will be thrown until the same point or seven is dropped, and only after that the round will be considered complete, the puck is turned OFF, and the throw will be the first in the next new round again. That’s how to shoot dice at the casino.

Dice Technique offline

A pair of dice is used on a special table. Craps can be called the simplest game, but at the same time, if someone doesn’t know the rules of the dice game, it is impossible to enjoy it. The reason for this is a difficult field with a large number of various sections for bets. Insight into the game is simple, the main thing is to have a desire.

Craps’ purpose: gamblers make bets on the outcome of the total points on two dice. The dice table has a unique design and is mainly used by players to place their bets before the game starts. In craps, a game is played between the dealer and one gambler, but in addition, up to 20 people can watch and place bets at one table.

In an offline casino, two dealers on each side of the table collect bets. In addition, at least two more staff are located directly at the craps table. The table is divided into three sections: right, left and center.

Each section contains areas for Pass / Don’t Pass, Come / Don’t Come, Place, and Field bets.

The process of playing craps:

  • Users make bets;
  • The dice is thrown on the table;
  • The dealer watches whose bets are winning and makes payments;
  • A new regular round of the game begins.

If you know how to shoot dice at the casino, you won’t have any problems during the game and your odds are increasing.

Places where you can play online

Dice is among the very first games that people learn about and in which they like to play. Everyone knows that the theory of probability began precisely with bones – since ancient times, scientists have tried and are still trying to predict the outcome of a throw of two bones.

Online dice, which have become so popular today due to its simplicity, are based on a random number generator. To play dice online for money, it’s enough to download almost any online casino, make a deposit into the account, and start the game.

Today, playing dice for money online is becoming fashionable and popular – although some time ago, this game was almost forgotten by all casinos. But fortunately, this ancient and uncomplicated game is gradually being revived and attracts the attention of many gamblers who want to know how to shoot dice at the casino.

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